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There are many Beneficial Microbes that can be harnessed to work symbiotically with Animals for mutual benefit or to help generate products that benefit animals.

Beneficial Microbes can broadly provide benefit to animals through:

· Silage Inoculants. Forage crops harvested for silage contain a natural population of “good” microorganisms that ensile the crop, and “bad” microorganisms such as yeasts, moulds and spoilage bacteria that can cause poor fermentation, excessive losses of dry matter, energy and nutrient and may also produce toxins harmful to animal health, fertility and performance. As all silages are different, there are a range of crop-specific silage additives that leading manufacturers have developed and tested with leading agricultural institutions to produce:

- Specifically selected bacteria strains to fortify the population of “good” microbes.

- Products proven to achieve better dry matter and nutrient retention and stability at feedout.

- Better quality, more palatable silages.

· Yeast and Bacteria Probiotics. Probiotics are strain-specific beneficial live yeast or bacteria organisms that positively influence animal digestive function and health. Including probiotics in the diet can help optimize rumen or gut function, enhance digestibility, protect against harmful microorganisms and support a stronger natural defence system. Specific yeast and bacteria strains must be scientifically proven to positively impact digestive balance throughout the animal’s life. Each probiotic must be vigorously scrutinized to assure product efficacy and consistency.

· Yeast Derivatives and Antioxidants. Yeast derivatives consist of specific, inactive yeast products from primary growth fermentation. These must be carefully processed to enhance select components of the yeast, helping animals to maintain beneficial microflora balance or combat stress. Selenium- and glutathion-enriched yeast specifically provide strong antioxidant protection to animals. Furthermore specific, inactive yeast fractions alleviate negative effects of undesirable bacteria and support animals’ natural defences.

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