Increased Yields of up to 5 tons on Early & Main-Crop Potatoes with Rise P
10th April 2017

Increase of 8.2 tonnes per/ha on Silage Maize (Fresh Yield) with Rise P

ln this trial the application of RISE® P helped to increase the fresh yield by 8.2 t/ha and dry matter yield by nearly 2 t/ha. Weighings confirmed the visual observations from 09/07 where the maize plants in the treated area were considerably more advanced in the early growth stages than those in the control and this was maintained all the way through the crop. A significant difference in size was also observed regarding the diameter of the stem bases and the root masses. At harvest it was clear that the number of cobs was greater in the RISE® P treated area and the cobs were better filled than in the control area.

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