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  • CILUS Plus 200g


    When applied in aqueous solution in such a way that the CILUS® PLUS can reach the root zone of plants the contained rhizobacteria, which are activated by hydration and the presence of root exudates, will rapidly populate the root area resulting in a number of very beneficial outcomes being obtained:

  • IntraCell – 2Kg


    IntraCell®, is a powerful osmoprotectant. It allows plant cells to naturally defend themselves against a wide range of stresses imposed on them.

    Naturally secures yield and quality by protecting crops from extreme conditions and stresses during key development phases.

  • Prestop


    Prestop contains mycelia and spores of Gliocladium catenulatum Strain J1446, a naturally occuring soil fungus, which is capable of providing a number of very useful disease control benefits to a wide range of cropping situations.

    These include action as a hyperparasite, production of enzymes which cause the breakdown of plant pathogen cell walls and deprivation of pathogenic fungi – regarding living space and nourishment – by colonizing the surface of roots and aerial parts of the plants.

    These functions are supported by indirect effects where stimulation of the plants’ own natural defence systems takes place.

    To ensure best control of diseases apply PRESTOP in a protectant programme of treatments before infection occurs.

  • Rise P – 1Kg

  • Rise P DualTech – 1Kg


    An innovative plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) plus yeast fractions particularly focused on increasing phosphorus and metallic ions availability to plants.