IntraCell on Leafy Salads
10th April 2017
Increase of 8.2 tonnes per/ha on Silage Maize (Fresh Yield) with Rise P
11th April 2017

Increased Yields of up to 5 tons on Early & Main-Crop Potatoes with Rise P

Naturally improve tuber size, yield and better finish at harvest

Many factors can affect the start of potato plants early after planting: date of planting, low air temperature, cold soil... these can all seriously impact on the final yield and quality of the harvested crop. The start of the crop is an extremely sensitive period because the young plants have insufficiently developed root systems.

RISE P promotes root establishment

RISE P contains a high loading of symbiotic root-dwelling bacteria which very efficiently solubilise phosphorus and also promote the bioavailability of other plant nutrients contained in the soil.

In a treated crop the roots can be established quicker, giving the opportunity for effectively ‘mining’ the soil, to better utilise the organic and mineral content available.

Thus, a crop can be started off better or reinvigorated and maintained longer, even in less than ideal conditions.

There is also the opportunity to enhance the soil by steadily reducing potentially problematic nutrient indices and improving soil structure.

How does it work ?

The beneficial bacteria establish in the rhizosphere (the area around the roots) and feed on root exudates that are supplied by healthy plants.

They stimulate root growth by secreting growth metabolites and solubilise phosphorus by secreting phytases (enzymes).

RISE P benefits growth and improves harvest outcomes

Quicker root establishment and more roots: more efficient use of nutrients and water

Quicker stolon development: more tuber initiation sites

Improved aerial architecture: increased photosynthetic ability

Enhanced plant structural integrity: stronger plants to recover from various challenges


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